New scenario under development.

Colleville, Normandy, 6 JUNE 1944

As the chaos on Omaha Beach raged, and fear of floundering grew worse in this sector, men and material kept flowing ashore onto the Omaha beachead. Those still alive in first wave continued to claw there way ahead through murderous fire, working their way inland.

In the sector of the 1st Infantry Division -- The "Big Red One" -- the objective was the village of Colleville. Making their way up from the beach into the French countryside, groups began to form in a draw leading into the town. Naval fire support never materialized, due to heavy artillery smoke from the days' brutal fighting and critical lack of radio communication. Even though the Americans were under heavy fire from the Germans in Colleville, the order was given: Take Colleville!

The scenario will use two LNLT boards: Board 15 (reversed) on the left (West) side; and Board 14 on the right (East). Top edge is North; bottom edge is South.


VICTORY CONDITIONS: The American player wins at game end if there are no Good Order German MMCs in a stone building hex < 4 hexes from M5.

UNITS: German, Elements of 726th Regiment, 352nd Infantry Division
Lt. Plassmann; Sgt. Baumann; (six) 1-6-4-6 Squads; (two) MG42 machineguns
Setup on or between hexrows 15J - 14B

Lt. Koch; (four) 1-6-4-6 Squads; (one) MG42 machinegun
Enter Turn 2 Along the South Edge

UNITS: American, Elements of Company G, 16th Regimental Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division
Lt. Michael; (four) 2-5-4-6 Squads; (one) 1-4-4-6 Half Squad; (one) BAR
Setup on or West of hexrow 15L

Major Tom; Cpl. Medrow; (three) 2-5-4-6 Squads; (? - see SSR) 1-4-4-6 Half Squad; (one) BAR
Enter on Turn 1 along the North edge on or West of 15F8

Sgt. Hill; Cpl. Medrow; (two) 2-5-4-6 Squads; (? - see SSR) 1-4-4-6 Half Squad; (one) BAR
Enter on Turn 2 along the North edge on or West of 15B8


Prior to the Americans' Rally Phase in each of the first two turns, the American player rolls a die to see how many 1-4-4-6 HS's they receive that turn:
Turn 1: A die roll 1-3 gets 4 HS; a die roll 4-6 gets 3 HS
Turn 2: A die roll 1-3 gets 5 HS; a die roll 4-6 gets 4 HS
NOTE: If HS counter-mix is exhausted (max 8 in BoH), move to next lowest HS.