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    Question What American Revolutionary Wargames have you played?

    I only own the one....1776, by Avalon Hill...and oldie for sure!

    Personally, I'd like to play something designed to today's standards, in art and design. I think Avalanche Press makes some, which I definitely have to look into to see if that is fact. I would think this a fascinating war era to fight.

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    I have recently thought of trying the era with one of Decision Games folio games. Cheap way to get a taste of what may lie ahead.

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    I have "Hold the Line" by Worthington Publishing, it combines miniatures in a boardgaming format; multiple historical battles are easily fought through use of terrain add-ons. The miniatures provided serve more as measures of morals instead of actual numbers.

    There is a French and Indian War supplement that in addition to the named battles, includes many AWI battles that had either of both French and Indians.

    It rates 7.8 on Boardgame Geek, which is pretty high.

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    Warlord Games Black Powder covers a multitude of settings in that era, I have not played it personally but a lot of the guys down the club have and say it is a very good system.
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    They're having a sale at Worthington games for Veteran's Day. "HOLD THE LINE" for fifty bucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frizzenspark View Post
    They're having a sale at Worthington games for Veteran's Day. "HOLD THE LINE" for fifty bucks.
    That’s an excellent deal! I do like the combination of board and miniatures, which look so awesome on the game board. Worthington Games is also, a renowned game company/
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    Sadly, none.

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