A fabulous games overall, and KUDOs to South Korea for being a great host (though, I could do without the cheerleaders, LOL!). I don't think I've enjoyed a Winter Olympics this much since Innsbruck! That's not to say I haven't thoroughly enjoyed the other years, but this one had me watching a ton of coverage....lot still on the DVR, so the Olympics will stretch on another week or so for me!

The Czech girl was indeed amazing....and a good example of so many of the athletes that are there for the right reasons. I am seeing a lot less 'professionals', and I like it that way. It's more in spirit with the Games, I believe. I think it also adds to the excitement! I am highly amused with the snowboarders, however....they are a bunch of fin-loving whackadoodles! ...thry brought a lot of smiles to my face!! And what athletes....OMG.

I was disgusted with the Canadian woman hockey player that took her silver medal off after it was placed around her neck in the award ceremony. I saw she gave a written apology the next day, as this was against IOC rules; and was just in plain, bad taste. I know many may think me cruel, but I think an example is needed to curb this feeling that 'anything but the Gold is a loss'-mentality; she should be stripped of the medal. I saw too many athletes that received the silver and bronze, act like they didn't medal at all. You have to be kidding me! What an achievement to have made. It made those that beamed at getting a bronze closer to my heart.

I LOVE CURLING! The matches were great this year, in both men's and women's. I stayed up for the 1am to 4:15am Live, Gold Medal match between US v Sweden. OMG....that (I believe 7th) leg where they score 5! OMG. Schuster and crew are amazing. I got up at 10:30 thos morning and saw it was re-running...DRAT...but....it was​ better seeing it live.