There are just bunches of games, where you have admin counters that lay upon the board, hidden amoung other counters or miniatures. Wouldn't it be great to prop those up? Another example would be a miniatures game, where you have tracking counters of some kind, to help with administration of your battlefield. A specific game example would be Memoir '44, where you have small cardboard badges to to denote divisions of troops.

Wargame Counter Stands are the perfect solution for all of the above.

One solution comes from Litko Game Accessories, who are one of the best sources for needs like this. (Click the link in the company name to go directly to the product in question). A set of ten for under four US dollars. Also, generally available on

Principally designed for your 3/4 inch square, wargame, cardboard counters, these counters are held vertically by two layers of clear plastic, mounted on a clear base. The stands allow you to easily handle your counters, as opposed to laying flat on the table. The do
require assembly with glue, so keep that in mind....but it's easily done with any good modeling glue; the two vertical panels gluing into the circular base, in pre-cut notches. LITKO recommends our Craftics #33 acrylic cement for all of our acrylic plastic kits.

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Another great product is from Spiel Pro Plastic Game Card Stands, for board and card games. They can also be used for party table holders, so the missus might not balk at your 'Oh GOD, what toy did you buy now?!?' moments! The counters/cards slip right into the top of the stand. These card stands were designed to be used with 0.049 inch to 0.080 inch board. Please be aware that they donít work well with cards thinner than this. The stands are made of high quality clear or colorful plastic. Colors can vary a bit from batch to batch. The plastic card stands are 3/4″ square. They have a 1/2″ tall sides that will hold your game pieces secure.

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These too, are available from the manufacturer (see link, previously) and are also, routinely available on