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    Bolt Action 28mm WWII Miniature Wargame

    Where do Warhammer 40K players go when they turn 40.......?!? They go to Bolt Action!!!!

    Bolt Action is Warlord Games WWII miniature game that uses 28mm Infantry and Artillery and 1/56th scale Tanks and Vehicles. A Typical game will include about a platoon's worth of Infantry; One Tank; one Armoured Car, and and an Anti-Tank Gun or Howitzer.

    All Major Nations (and many minor ones) are represented in this game; there are many supplements and Campaign books to virtually cover all of WWII. Miniatures are in metal or plastic; Vehicles are usually Resin, with some metal parts or plastic.

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    I've got the last edition core rulebook, and it's a system I definitely plan on learning. I've been trying to decide whether I need to ditch it for the latest version, but hate to spend the extra money. As I understand it, it plays well in 15mm, too.

    NOTE: For learning the system, check out The Academy, for the Bolt Action forum!!! And for those into the system, we need your expertise there!
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    The newer edition is worth buying, as well as the newer German guidebook; though you can still play great games with the older versions; shop around for bargains. The Armies of Germany book was the first of the nation books published, so a revised edition was a good idea since the game expanded exponentially from its modest start.

    NWS has the core rulebook for a decent price; the miniatures are well priced; though shipping can be slow:

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    For the "Bridge Too Far" fans, Warlord is releasing their Market Garden supplement; the campaign was lightly touched on in previous texts, but I feel the coverage was inadequate... I have every expectation that this tome will answer this issue; I expect to buy this volume blindly.
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    As an alternative to Warlord plastic miniatures, I frequently use Black Tree Design (BTD) miniatures. they mix in well with Warlord. I would not have an American army if were not for BTD, my preference is for metals.... my German, Soviet and Canadian armies are mostly composed of BTD, I prefer Warlord Artillery and Anti-Tank guns over BTD, the German 75mm Infantry Gun being an exception.

    BTD has frequent sales, so be patient watch and wait to get the best deals. They have other ranges to include: Doctor Who, Fantasy, Ancients, Zulu....etc.

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    I have a few of the BTD minis myself and they are a really good cast, and as has been said mix well. I bought 4 pioneers, a Pak 40 and a motorcycle/sidecar combination for my Germans and a 30 cal team, 57mm AT gun, and some BAR men for my Yanks. All for cheaper than Warlord when bought in one of the sales.

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    I have racks of semi-painted minis in my closet; I get easily distracted.I have British Paras; Chindits and Canadian PBI. I have basic German, Soviet and American GIs; with the exception of the Chindits and Paras, the bulk are BTD. I do have Warlord and Battlefront intermixed in all the groups but the Chindits. my Canadians were initially Warlord plastic but they've been phased out with the BTD metals.

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    It is very rarely that you find a gamer with the willpower to stick with painting an army when the next shiny new thing comes along. I only have one completely painted force, that is my gladiators for Jugula, and there are only nine of them.

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    I painted US Airborne and 12th SS Panzer for my son and a few DBA armies... So far I'm doing well with Team Yankee.

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    I've been somewhat dormant on this game for a while; occasionally dabbling here and there. I've picked a new Army, partly inspired by my binge watching of "Dad's Army" last month; I'm starting a BEF Army.

    I found a squad box of metal minis for seventeen bucks, they're already assembled gas well as Boys Anti-tank and 2-inch mortar teams. I have a command team and Vickers crew arriving Friday.

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