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    Unit Initiative

    OK, so next up, I'd like to go off the rails.....

    Rather than alternating play, let's try using a feature some of the Lock 'N Load series games use....the Draw Cup! The way this would work is, for each phase in a turn, an Activation Chit (with the sides' company designation) will be drawn to see who gets a bite at the apple in that moment. For land units, the sides will have two activation chits each side; and for air, they will have one activation chit. When all are drawn, the turn is THEN over! This of course, extends the length of a turn, which should be represented in the scenario setup instructions.

    The Draw Cup is part of the VASSAL module, so that makes things easy enough! When all chits are drawn, there's a toggle to return the chits to pile (a small box in the tray holds the virtual chits face-down).

    This also adds a little tension to the game, in that you may not get that phase when you want it most; you may get a boon of up to three phases to act' or somewhere in-between.

    AP's are still used, same as before with, the use a tried and tested Solitaire Play method of dice rolls for determining if you get a 3rd, and then a 4th AP: The online player provides up to four actions....noting to make your first two the ones you want the most, obviously. And then, based on if you get a 3rd and 4th AP, allow what you get with APs won. For the geek-inclined...the method is simple: 3rd AP 1d6, 1-2 fail; 4th AP 1d6, 1-3 fail...otherwise, you get the AP.
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    So one of the first things I found out through a playtesting is, an issue with Facing....the counters don't turn in this VASSAL module! Oooops

    Of course, that wouldn't be an issue for setup on an actual gameboard, but this, found limitation here leaves us with three choices:

    1. Use an image editor to place markings on each hex or piece (like a yellow dot on the facing hexside); or
    2. Having to rely (and burden) players with keeping track of facing by the turn write-ups in the thread; or
    3. Eliminate Facing from the game.

    I actually didn't take long to decide on this. Answer is #2. (No Middlefart jokes, Scott!)

    The reasoning is two fold:

    First: It never really made sense to me....

    In all the games of Tank on Tank (both West and Eastfront), how many ass shots have we had on tanks? (No Middlefart jokes, Scott!) Not a fact, damned few. If you're even moderately good at this game, you just don't leave your drawers down! Considering this is a super-simplifed game to begin with, the thought that they are working in armor weaknesses in rear tank armor is a bit much. And if it's for a simple +1DRM, well, that's a bit much; and, for the elimination of a +1DRM in the combat phase, we have that nicely covered here in other ways.

    Also, it never made sense for me in terms of Infantry. I mean, what? ...a platoon can't turn around at the sound of gunfire fire up their butts? Infantry are highly mobile.

    Second: I don't want to place no stinkin' dots!

    There is no Facing in this version of the game.
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    Works for me!

    --Major Middlefart

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    Quote Originally Posted by josta59 View Post
    Works for me!

    --Major Middlefart
    Makes sense.

    And if Scott is going to be Major Middlefart then I have to be Major Hugh Jass.

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    Well, that devolved quickly
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    In the playest game, forces are starting to stack up close to the bridges, which presents the question Do you cross onto the bridge and perhaps get blasted into a heap of scrap-iron?

    For the latter, that will leave a wreck on the bridge so, house-rule: Remember in the Battle of the Bulge movie, where Peiper commands, "Blast that wreck off the road". That was in response to a burning Sherman on a bridge road, if memory serves! In our game, if a tank is wrecked on the road, you'll have to score another KILL on the wrecked tank to blast it off the road and allow passage.
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