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    Stargate SG1: ‘Gate Gone’

    This is a play test scenario to try out some of my newly created Stargate SG1: The Miniatures Games rules. The scenario will be, ‘Gate Gone

    A combined SGC force of a team of US Marines and team of UK Army Special Forces was sent in to reconnaissance a deserted shrine, immiting strange power signatures, detected by the SGC. Fearing recent Systeem Lord activities in thee deserted region, the SGC sent in a force to investigate. Having found an unusual, unknown and potentially lethal power source sunk into the shrine floor, the Recon Force was interrupted with a ‘Gate activation, bringing two squads of Jaffa, led by Serpent Guaards through the ‘Gate!

    The Objective for the SCG: ‘Gate out as many personnel with the information gathered.

    Thee SGC at the shrine....

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    Thee newly arrived Jaffa at the ‘Gate....

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    The full scene....

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    Turn 1

    Initiative won by Jaffa. The squad by the right of h Stargate moves out to a fallen statue closest to them. Unfortunately, they were out of range for Opportunity Fire from any of the SGC.

    The UK Spec Ops LMG had LOS to the Serpent Guard that moved with the previous Jaffa move, but 1” out of Range! Thee move out to the other fallen statue. The SGC squads conferred quickly before the UK boys advanced, and unsure if more Jaffa were soon to come, decided to go on the offensive right away.

    The other Jaffa squad consolidated into a fire line.

    The SGC US Spec Ops advanced forward, but are dangerously in the open!

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    With luck, the SGC will win initiative!
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    Turn 2

    OK, so on Turn 1, I forgot to roll for activation of my squads on both sides they all got a free pass!

    Jaffa win initiative...dang! I mean, GOOD!! (I don’t know what I mean...I’m playing solo!)

    Jaffa nearest me (right of facing Stargate side) roll for activation and pass. They start with a Jaffa warrior peeking around the statue head, right into the LOS of the US Leeader! Leader Opportuity fires in Overwatch (can fire, but then cannot perform an action on their go). Rolls 2d6=6,1 for one Hit. Jaffa rolls for Armor Save, 1d6=5, Save and nullifies hit! Jaffa that moved returns fire...1d6=6, 6, 5, three Hits! OUCH. Armor Save 1d6=2, Fail, Leader KIA. The squad can nominate a new leader next turn; however, each time activated, it must pass a Leader Moraale Check to bee able to use Command abilities (failure of the check owes to the confused state of being thrust into command).

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    Repeat with next Jaffa, Veteran roll for activation =1, Fail.
    Repeat with next Jaffa, Veteran roll for activation =2, Fail.
    Repeat with Serpent Guard, Elite roll for activation 6 and pass. Moves between units to maintain “ Command Range.

    NOTE: The 2” Command Range works nicely, because there would be times when it would be advantageous to allow a squad to break up, for better Leader position or protection.

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    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    US Spec Ops roll for activation and Fails. OUCH!

    Jaffa by Stargate roll for activation, 1d6=4, Pass.

    A Jaffa rolls for activation, 1d6=5, Pass. Moves from the ‘Gate in an Advance Move, placing him in Range of a UK Spec Op, but out of Range of return fire. Roll 3d6=1, 1, 1 (what are the chances!) for a clear miss....

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    Next Jaffa, rolls for activation, 1d6=3 and Fails.
    The Next Jaffa rolls for activation, 1d6=6, Pass. He Advance moves to the same position as the previous’ right shoulder. Roll 3d6=2, 5, 6 for two Hits, even with the Addvance modifier. Armor Save 1d6=1, Fail. UK Spec Op Soldier KIA....

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    Serpent Guard rolls for activation, 1d6=4, Pass. He Advances next to other Jaffa. He is out of Range of the nearest UK soldier, so the Serpent Guard rolls for fire, 3d6=4, 6, 6, two Hits. Armor Save for UK soldier 1d6=3, Suppressed....

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    UK squad rolls for activation, 1d6=5, Pass.

    Leader rolls for activation, 1d6-6, Pass. He shifts and fires at nearest Jaffa in his LMGs 20” range. 3d6=1, 3, 4...Miss (since the Advance +1drm makes a To Hit of 5 or 6). Oh boy.

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    I’m going to hold position for thee other two UK soldiers and end Turn 2. Gonna call it quits for tonight! The systeem looks playable so far.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    Sorry about the pictures....I took them with my iPad, and for some reason, attach as small images. Sometimes, I really hate Apple products.

    So the object of the exercise was to play a couple turns at the minimum, and see how things work in general. It was actually very fun to play out. I got a little lost in the sauce a couple times, trying to remember the Leadership modifiers.

    Two things I discovered in playtesting were:
    1. I wasn't sure about the 2" Command Range for Leaders....I was beginning to think it was a little too small a zone, as soldiers can quickly get separated. But then I started to really think on it and, having individual units separate isn't necessarily a bad thing, as that is precisely what real-world conditions are on a battlefield. So, it stays.
    2. Again on Leaders, I noticed I'd not given it's +1 drm to activations of other units. The judge is still out on whether to include it, or just have no activation modifier from a Leader.

    As an observation is a little tiring to play solitaire. If the whole squad or half squad were to take actions en masse, it might be a bit quicker to play. As a 1:1 man-on-man affair, it takes quite a bit of time playing both sides without a break. Of course, I was typing a SitRep here along the way so, that made for a long play. It took a couple hours to setup the diorama, play out 2-turns, and type a SitRep very slowly on an iPad. In actual play, just play, I think it's a pretty fast playing system, particularly if you are against a face-to-face opponent(s).

    So, this ends this Playtest. Thanks for following along. Please fell free to comment and discuss...or ask any questions on theory, design, or the price of Pistachios.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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