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    Fortress island Ijmuiden Netherlands

    Last sunday me and my brother took a trip.
    Visited a 19 century Dutch fort,that became part of the German Atlantikwall in WW2
    The germans build over 30 bunker on top of it (All the brown brick parts are the Fortress)

    Also wanted to take a look at the only surviving Schnellboot(e-Boat) bunker in the Netherlands but it was not accessible to the general public.
    Arial photo's:Name:  h828935d.jpg
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    53 tallboys and tons of smaller bombs were dropped to take out the 2 Schnellboot bunkers at ijmuiden.

    Nice aerial footage
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    WOW!!!! Great thread here, Maarten. That must have been amazing! Great pictures, and commentary. I’d love to hear how it felt to be in such a powerful place.
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