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Wow!! What an opportunity. The games you showed look good. The night fighter game looks intriguing and is something I have an interest in due to the Mosquito
and it's uses during the war.
It's awesome! Watching it played, and then watching a couple YouTUBE run-throughs sold me on buying the game. I am reading the rules this holiday vacation (Thanksgiving....I'm off Thursday through next Tuesday!), and plan on playing tomorrow! I'll post up some pics and my thoughts on play. It's an expensive game (as are most, these days), but getting it at half-price was just awesome.

I see that there is another version coming soon, and on pre-order currently: Interceptor Ace (or something), which appears to be commanding fighters in daylight attacks of bombers? I'll definitely have to have a look into it.

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Board games seem to have shifted gear of late to a melding of the board game experience and table game elements being added somehow. Not sure but it seems
that way with the game types moving further from the older styles.
I think I get your direction on that, and agree. I've not quite put my finger on it, but systems seem to have melded in some miniatures mechanics flavor in there. Not to mention many, like the Blocks games; and people putting cardboard counters on tiles and blocks; and, many board games being sold or morphed into 3-D hexes and boxes.

To me, this is a good thing, as there is definitely advantages in the strength through numbers and collaboration-thing.