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    Off track a bit

    This isn't a game post as such. It is about a shop that has opened in my town. This is classed as a city but only just.
    Around the 50,000 people mark counting hinterland.

    We now have a real games shop though. Never thought it would happen here but it has.

    The owners have really thought this out too.

    Open at odd hours and days. Saturday and Sunday ? Yep. Open 11am to 6pm on those days (I think that's right).

    The idea for that is you can go in and sit down to play games. There are games on the shelf that can be used
    or you bring one. I have been in to look a few times on Saturdays and there are usually around ten people playing
    on two or three tables. There are more tables which are probably used at times.

    They sell games, RPG figures, and modelling supplies as well. Not so much in the way of plastic kits but that may
    come as there is little else in town these days.

    This sort of thing is good hobby wise and the support shows the level of gaming (non computer) interest out there.

    I hope this sort of thing grows over time in other places.

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    That's awesome!

    It sounds like the FLGS's (Friendly Game Shops) out here in the US. Here in Western Massachusetts, we have one in Hadley (West of me, two towns over, at about 40 minutes drive) and one in Greenfield (North of me, out about seven towns from me). Both allow gaming on their tables (including miniatures dioramas for 40K and no longer played FoW), and have club days and nights. They retail games and supplies, but no models. The nearest model shop is in the State south of me, Connecticut, and about an hour and a half away. They open odd hours, too...usually at 2pm to late night on weekdays, so as to maximize accessibility to gamers; earlier hours on weekends.

    There were a few more FLGS's around these parts, but had closed. It's a tricky market out this way. The gamers that live around here, and hence, frequent these places play all that Elf Lord stuff (Magic and so forth). These patrons are overwhelming youngsters that annoy the heck out of me a lot of the times, LOL....mainly, because they seem scared to interact with anyone above the age of 13.

    Out in Eastern Massachusetts, and up in New Hampshire, there are a bunch of game shops of what we are discussing. They are getting a stronger hold, against their computer/electronic game store counterparts, which there are a TON of.

    It's a good thing to see traditional game shops.... back in the 1980's, there were a lot more game stores, but they were just merchants really....not like today where they also allow and encourage gaming.

    What I like about the Greenfield one is, they sell used games (you can sell to them and they re-sell!). I picked up a couple great DVG titles there at incredibly discounted prices (Field Commander: Nimitz, and Apache Leader), both just played once and pristine!

    So...not meaning to hijack your thread, mate....I am very happy to hear you have this place your way. I hope it flourishes, and that you get tons of use and enjoyment there!!!
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    Not hijacked at all young man.

    Really good to find out this is happening elsewhere.

    I am also sure that game/toy shop owners would be happy if customers asked them
    to arrange the same kind of thing even if only once a month.

    I remember all the games shops that were in Perth (state capital 250 miles from us so a quick day trip) in the
    eighties and into the nineties. A lot became more like collectable shops with time and less gamey. This also
    seemed to lead to much less historical gamey if you get what I mean.

    Of all things, Warhammer followed by Flames of War together with a large renewal of available model kits
    turned things around again. Who knows where it goes next.

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    ...I quite agree, really.....the owners of the shops around here, especially the Greenfield Games store. If you bring up the link at the time of this posting, you'll see they have Gale Force 9's, "TANKS" game listed as a Monday afternoon regular, which is encouraging. I've talked with one of the guys that runs this and he's open to extending this into the later afternoon, early evening timeframe to help accommodate folks like me that work. I've been waiting for said working schedule to calm down a little so I can go ...and a past workmate of mine s planning to go along, as well. It's encouraging because, they seem to have a small cadre that play TANKS, and I think they'd be amenable to Flames of War at some point....if a diorama can be arranged for.

    I used to live near Boston, where thee are a lot of FLGSs, some of which are just amazing! These days, for well over a decade+ now, I live in the Western part of the State in Belchertown... My house is just above the first "A" in Massachusetts depicted on the map; that big body of water above it being the Quabbin Reservoir, which feeds water to Boston, about 65 miles away!

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    Belchertown (about 15,000 residents) is a very big, 'small town'...very rural, or semi-rural at best. Lot of wooded land still undeveloped in many places, with pockets of neighborhoods. "Downtown" is one main road with shops, with a couple roads branching-off onto minor highways. Somewhat 'Old New England' in style. On the map, you can see to the North, the town of Greenfield. It's a much bigger city than Belchertown.

    In Connecticut, you see 'Hartford' listed on the map above, which is a huge city. In and around there are some amazing hobby shops.... I try to get down there several times in the Summer, but they always end up being costly trips

    I should get out to Boston more, but it always seems a matter of making time for it just not happening. Maybe next year!
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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