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    My Storage and Porting System for Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit

    I followed up on an idea from a fellow ASLSK gaming enthusiast, back at the Nor'Easter Yankee ASL Tournament a couple years ago, but purchasing a portable

    Stanley Tool Workshop

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    These are all pictures from the Internet....I'll try and post up ics of my unit later. The unit shown costs about $50 USD...but there are all sorts of configurations, at different prices.

    The bottom unit stores my binders of rules, play aids, scenarios, etc.

    The middle unit stores dice, LOS tules, and other small game aids....

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    The top unit stores boards and other gear, and has a removable tray.

    The whole unit breaks down into the three pieces and is on wheels and ports around great!

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    The unit my friend Joe had was like this one...

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    I liked the spin out middle section, and the bag attached to the bottom front unit. Like I said, there are all kinds of configurations!
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