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    Have you made a New Years' Resolution for Wargaming?

    Last year, I planned to play and really go in-depth with Lock 'N Load Tactical. I didn't come close to achieving that, as work life just took me in a far right hook in time and stamina. happens, right?

    It's a new year...2019...and wargaming is a central part, a central hobby in my life so, of course it would also translate to a central resolution. This year, I don't want to jump into an ambitious plan.
    • For a long-haul (as in, throughout the year) system, I'm looking to work primarily with ASLSK.
    • Beyond that, I want to play some new systems, like the current Platoon Commander games from Tiny Battle Publishing.
    • I want to explore some of the great games I picked up in recent years, especially last years' Compass Games.
    • And lastly, I want to cull through old games and see what can go to a new home.

    So here's to 2019!

    What's your plans or resolutions?
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    Right now, I feel like I don't need any goals because I'm enjoying gaming so much. I'm just going to play as often as I can until it's not fun anymore, and then I'll think about what to change.

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