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    Duncan's Ancients to Age of Rifles 2019

    JTS Chickamauga tournament game. Perryville scenario.
    A couple turns in and one of my columns sees infantry(?) ahead. They backed off so I formed lines and put out skirmishers before crossing the creek. I'm hoping my artillery can get set up before close contact is made. I'm wondering if I should have held my arty back while other units get in position on my flanks. I really wanted to get to the other side of the crossing first. Intelligence is pretty limited right now. We shall see.

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    Bastard tried to flank me with his cavalry. He ran into my infantry but they are still in column on the flank. He backed right up before I could form lines.

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    Very cool looking game

    ...yeah, you definitely got aggressive there with deployment
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    Here Come the Rebels by AH. South Mountain scenario.
    Reno trying to push through South Mountain. Longstreet is moving too slowly with his reinforcements to be of much help.

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    Interesting’d Longstreet do in the end?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiterook View Post
    Interesting’d Longstreet do in the end?
    Longstreet got some good movement. He managed to reinforce before the Rebs could push the gap. I'm really enjoying getting back into this system after a couple decades.

    2nd play - swapping sides. The game ends with Reno controlling Turner's Gap.

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    HctR really looks cool. Love the map.
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