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    GF9, TANKS! Starter Set Game Miniatures (BUILD LOG 2019)

    The miniatures build will be a US Abrams tank, and two Soviet T-64's, in 15mm plastic.

    Opening the box for Gale Force 9's, TANKS! game, I am really psyched about getting this Modern War version of the system! (...there is also a WWII version). I've been checking out camouflage schemes and plan to get the miniatures onto the workbench soon and building them.

    The plastic miniatures are 15mm, and come on sprues, similar to a plastic model kit. This is a real divergence from its founding brethren in the miniatures world, Battlefront's, Flames of War (FoW). Actually, everything I just said is rather confusing, even to me still:

    You see, Flames of War is still around, but has morphed into a 4th Edition, which kept most of the gameplay intact, but now uses stat cards for unit data, rather than endless bools (though, there are still new, endless books!). Anyway, the older system FoW (edition 3 and previous) used resin miniatures, pretty much solid just added a few bits (i.e., gun barrel, machine-guns, commander, stowage, accessories, etc.). Under the new 4th Edition, you now build your own miniatures from scratch, with of course hollow hulls.

    Somehow, things branched out from the new 4th Edition FoW, to Team Yankee, which is modern warfare...but still, with miniature models you build yourself.

    This then morphed to GaleForce 9's coming out (in partnership?) with TANKS!, a WWII skirmish game, using the same damned tanks as is in FoW, but marketed strictly for TANKS! either in starter kit or individual units.

    BUT THEN, GaleForce 9 came out with TANKS! The Modern Age, for modern (1985-ish) tank warfare, using the same damned units as in Team Yankee.

    Yeah. FUBAR in figuring things out, but great in potential gameplay!!!

    Which brings us to this thread, and my putting together the starter set for TANKS! The Modern Age!!!
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    I am loving the Modern Age version... the Starter Set gets you going with one US M1 Abrams and two Soviet T-64's, which is great firepower for a high-powered game!

    However, I am a little baffled at the moment with the Abrams, as it can be built as an M1 or and M1-IP....

    The M1-IP was the "Improved Performance" version of the M1, produced briefly in 1984, just before the introduction of the M1A1. The cards in the game show the M1-IP as having of course, slightly superior lethality. The main difference kit-wise is the Bustle Rack (stowage rack); the extended bustle rack being for the latter (apparently...nothing tells you this from what I've seen so far).

    So you are faced immediately, with the decision of playing an M1 or M1-IP against your T-64s....

    And compounding that, the camouflage on the card is different. The Starter Set has many tanks not included in the set....before and after the M1 Abrams, for instance (such as the Patton on one side, and the the M1A1 on the other.

    So you can start to get confused with the camouflage....

    The M1 has the 3-color MERDC, but does't this translate to the M1-IP?

    I need to look at the cards to see if there's an IP.
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    It really is all so confusing in gamebox guidance, and the sites of course give even more confusing (or nonexistent information. Saying that however, I did just figure out a large piece of the can choose to build an M1A1!

    Name:  Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 11.33.18 AM.jpg
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    Abrams Tanks
    The Abrams is an amazing main battle tank with three awesome variants. If you go with the M1 Abrams you are only paying 22 Points for a tank that has amazing all-round stats. For just two more points you can get an IPM1 Abrams that has an extra +1 to its Damage Capacity, making an already awesome tank that much better. Want a bit more of a punch? For 32 points you get the M1A1 Abrams, the best Tank the Americans have so far, with 5 Attack dice and Damage Capacity 9 this Tank will hit hard and is also really hard to destroy. With three variants you can always choose the best Abrams for your platoon.
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    The cards show the differences, but more importantly, the camouflage!

    Name:  M1-Abrams-Card-TANKS.jpg
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    Name:  MTANKS-Americans-03.jpg
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    Name:  MTANKS-Americans-10.jpg
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    Another aspect I am trying to iron out in my head is usage:

    1. In the TANKS! game of course, only uses a few tanks per side, one-to-one, against the other...a tank represented just that individual tank on the field. So, it's a little more critical to think in terms of matchup firepower and performance. A US M1A1 against a Soviet T-64 might be a tad too unbalanced.
    2. In the Team Yankee game, you have platoons, so a tank is still an individual tank, but working in concert as part of a multi-tank unit. There's a lot more mix and matching firepower and performance-wise.

    The sweet-spot might just be, build in platoons that can then be deployed in any mix-and-matchings that you desire

    It's fun to work through, if not a little annoying to!
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    As a comparison, this is what the Soviet T-64 card has for stats....

    Name:  T-64-Card-TANKS.jpg
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    1. The first number is Initiative, for who does what first
    2. The second is Attack, showing how many dice you roll in shooting attack
    3. The third number is Defense, which shows how many defense dice you roll
    4. The fourth number is Damage Capacity, showing the number of Damage Points you can cross off
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    ...sooooooo, what I am getting from this thusfar is that, compared to the Soviet T-64:

    FIREPOWER = Even
    ARMOR DEFENSE = 1 die more (stronger)
    DAMAGE CAPACITY = Can take a pint more damage (stronger)

    FIREPOWER = 1 die less (weaker)
    ARMOR DEFENSE = 1 die more (stronger)

    FIREPOWER = 1 die less (weaker)
    ARMOR DEFENSE = 1 die more (stronger)
    DAMAGE CAPACITY = Takes a point less damage (weaker)
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    So here we are....what to build for my Abrams tank, for use in TANKS! The Modern Age. To Be Determined
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