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Thread: Renault FT17

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    Renault FT17

    WIP, Hat 1/72 Renault FT17 tanks. Only 7 pieces per tank and you get 2 of them. Should go good with my Hat American infantry.
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    Very nice! Love the camo so far. I note that you're using Model Master acrylics? ...I picked up some last year and was amazed how nice that line of paints is. Much easier to brush than Tamiya.

    Are you planning a wash or weathering? I'm still learning those techniques, but find it a wonderful way to bring in the realism. One think I was planning to try was graphite pencil with a combination of silver pencil highlights on tracks.
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    Yes, I will do washes and dry brushing. I just have to accent all that beautiful rivet detail! I'm trying to decide I should base them or not as I see them as wargaming pieces more then a serious modeling project.

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