Well, I may not have made it to the IPMS show this year, but mom-in-law is in an assisted living facility and safe now (eating and taking meds is already showing benefits!).

The up side to missing the show was now, I am looking forward to 2020’s show and building again. Waiting for my hands to heal up....they took a beating in moving MIL’s household accumulations, and downsizing. Damn, I am NOT as young as I used to be, bouncing back from this kind of heavy lifting/moving. Plus, exhausted as hell.... but I’m thinking of projects and building, which hasn’t happened in a long time so, I believe I have forward momentum!

I have the P-51 Mustang on the bench and had tweaked with it a tad several weeks back. Other projects started and in the wings; and a lot of great new builds waiting. I can feel the burn!!!

I also dug out a bunch of 15mm TANKS!, and Team Yankee miniatures to build and paint.