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    Place images in posts: Account Method

    I found a flashdrive yesterday that had some of my old model build pictures from 2013 on it, and decided this would be a cool build to put here on the DropZone. So, I went to an old modeling forum I used to frequent, where I knew I'd posted the build, so I could just copy the text over here (updated) and at the same time, fix the broken links (from my defunct PhotoBucket Account) at that modeling forum.

    That's when I saw they had am "Add image to post" button on their editing page...

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    "What's that?", I asked myself!

    Well, I clicked it like a dutiful space Monkey and low and behold, I was shuttled to a pop-up window for!

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    COOL! So, I Googles the site and came up with the actual homepage; and then, I Googles to see if it was is. I'm paranoid. Get over it, I'm not going to change!, I created an account!

    So the next posts on this thread will show you how to use to post links to your pictures you want to post, here at the DropZone. (NOTE: I'll be checking to see if I can get a similar link applied to our sites' platform)
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    Account created first, I then ported in all my Battlestar Galactica Recon Viper build pictures into my account. Now, signing up for an account is quick and simple, so I won't go into it here. Dropping the Recon Viper build from my flashdrive to my account is also very simple....Drag and Drop, so I will also not go into that in detail here. This is what my Recon Viper folder looks like on my account....

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    So, having a folder in, you will be able to get a link, to place here at your DropZone post, so once you submit the post, the image will be visible (the link hookds into your account).

    To show you this, I'll use an example of posting a Recon Viper picture here....the "v07" image. What I would do is go to my account, to the folder with the Recon Viper images and select (click on) the Share button (looks like a little 'V' with dots at the joint and ends, shown in the blue circle I created below)....

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    And you get a Pop-up window that allows different ways to share the image. It's a four step process from there:

    1. Look for the "Hotlinks for Forums" line.

    2. Click the link button (looks like a little page)

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    3. Click Close. (The link will be on your computers' clipboard, waiting to be pasted.)

    4. Past the link where you want it in your post (where you set your cursor to paste it). And you get the image, like the following!

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