French Foreign Legionnaires are deployed at a bridge crossing over a minor river, near the border, backstopping the West Germans. The war is still many kilometers away. Or, is it?

Use Heroes of the Blitzkrieg map 26. Oriented so "26" is in the NE corner.

France. Set up first.
Adc Mitchell , 1 x 2-6-4, 1 x Minimi, 1 x 12.7 mm WT: 26C4.
1 x medic, 2 x 2-6-4, 1 x ANF-1, 1 x ABL: 26C2.
1 x ERC-90: 26H7
1 x 2-5-4 (West Germans), 1 x MG-3: 26B4.

French and WG’s may not move first turn.Soviets. Set up on side of the river, opposite the French. Cannot set up on East edge (1/2 hex row "A"). They would have been spotted well before attack begins.

Maj. Petrov
Sgt. Trinov
6 x 3-3-4
5 x 2-3-4
2 x PKM
1 x RPK
2 x RPG-16
11 x Rubber Boats

Have initiative on Turn One.

Length and Victory conditions

Soviets win if they control the bridge (26B4) at the end of Turn Three.

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