View Full Version : Im looking for People to play Napoleonic Miniatures using a Fast System

09-17-2018, 05:33 AM
HI! Im looking for people to play Napoleonics and other eras using a fast email system. Your move might only take 5 minutes per turn. In exchange I might play your system even in another era. In this way we can help each other out with the AI on our favorite minis. Check out my FB group AAI Exchange or write me for further details.

Roll High!


09-17-2018, 05:24 PM
Hi George. Welcome to the forum!!! Sounds like an interesting proposition. I'd like to also suggest, you might want to use our War College area to highlight some of your design, and maybe ask for feedback. You can also try a play-by-post snippet of the game in the Playtest area.

I hope you find the rest of the forum interesting, as well, and become a regular contributor.

Thanks for joining!!!

...oh and hey, make sure to post on the Facebook group (MWForum DropZone) with a Call for Players.

09-18-2018, 03:26 PM
Hi George.

Welcome to the group. I would be interested to see how this works but unfortunately will be pretty busy for the next month or so but after that if there is not too much tech involved I might be persuaded. I am afraid I am a complete luddite.