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Thread: Humvees in 10mm

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    Humvees in 10mm

    Hi all,

    Got my twin M1151s from MiniFigs UK this week and took advantage of my staycation to go ahead and get them done. I'll tell ya, this stuff is so much easier now that I wear bifocals, LOL!

    Out of the package:

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    After priming:

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    I usually glue before I prime, but I got ahead of myself.

    Then I assembled, choosing the larger turret, which I understand is the most modern:

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    And finally painted. I created this shade of tan by mixing light beige with brown.

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    I followed that with some varnish, not shown.

    Ready to roll!

    MiniFigs also included smaller turrets and guns, as well as little men holding what I guess is maybe a recoilless rifle or a LAW or TOW. Maybe even a minigun. I don't know. You can see them in the first two photos above.
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    Me thinks it is a mini-gun. Nasty buzz saws them.

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    Nice looking Humvee's

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    I moved the thread over here to the miniatures area

    Love the Hummer design!!!
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