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    RISK has always been a favorite of mine! I can’t even estimate how many games I’ve played over the years, and luckily, I still have a few friends that like to play it! ...I wish I could get them into other wargames, but that one seems to be the razor’s edge they will trod in that realm!

    Paige also speaks to one of the big commonalities between wargaming miniatures and model railroading... dioramas and layouts. In both, you can go simple, with a few structures and some scenery to game around, right up to fabulous little-worlds filled with everything you’d see in real life, scaled down to miniature. It’s an art form in every way, really!
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    Apologies Jimmy for the late reply.

    I come here as a gamer. I started as a young teen in the early '70s playing micro armour with Tractics and for a boardgame the original Battleline version of Wooden Ships & Iron Men. I played every sort of game, miniatures, board games and role playing games. I gamed very heavily until the early '90s when I got into RC planes. Four years ago my son got into gaming and so I returned. Now my time is split between games and planes.

    I am an hour north of Toronto and because I like my old school stuff opponents are a little hard to find. However I have made efforts to widen my game horizons so as to get more gaming in. Still some things don't work for me so in a few areas I am still very much a stick in the mud.

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