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    Cool! ...looks delicious. Yeah, pic uploading can be weird sometimes...if I upload, they come out super small. That’s why I started using
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    I'm thinking like Homer!!
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    My latest brew is, that was supposed to be a...

    Mexican amber lager (sort of)

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    It was supposed to be a clone of Dos Equis Amber. I opened it last night, and it tastes more like a brown ale. I'm not set up to brew at lagering temperatures, so I used a yeast that can be used for pseudo-lagering at warmer temps. It turned out maltier and fuller bodied than a Dos Equis Amber, and also a bit darker. But I like malty and full bodied, so I'm fine with that. It's also so smooth, I could hardly put it down. It didn't seem to have a lot of alcohol, similar to a Dos Equis.

    It might have a slight "off" flavor, but it could be my imagination. The basement where I lager my beer flooded a few days after I brewed it. The inside of my fermenter looked a little strange after that. So some basement bug may have gotten in. I feel like I can taste the basement a bit when I drink it. But it's very subtle, and, again, it could be my imagination. We got the basement fixed right after that happened, so hopefully it won't be a problem in the future.

    With this brew, I actually met my goal of saving money versus buying beer at the store! That's not easy to do, as most home brewers would tell you.
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    Malty with nice color and a perfect head of foam! Nice, sure looks good.

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