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    Quote Originally Posted by Hagen View Post
    It would be interesting to see you post one of your games so we could see how you play.
    Yes, I was thinking the same thing. The only two games I have played recently (pretty much the last year) were one each of Battlespace and Ambush Alley! In both cases the first scenario of each. In both cases the first couple turns had a mistakes, then thinking "is that right" followed by looking up and correcting myself. Those were the only games of each rule set as I am just trying them out. I didn't post because I never think of such things. I was thinking of that for the next game I try though.

    They will be very un picturesque though. I am using cardboard boxes for buildings and patches of felt for any trees. I have a couple HO scale building models which look about right for the 15mm figures I have as well as some Roco and Hot Wheels for vehicles. At least the figures look the part as I bought them used from "Just Jack" (his handle on various other sites). Oh and tape for the roads. I would like to "present" AA so if this is a true interest and not just a dig I hope to run another game this weekend.

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    Madman, I hope you'll accept a little criticism. It does begin to seem like criticizing us is your sole reason for participating in this forum. You haven't given us much reason to think you're a serious gamer, so we have little reason to listen to you. I think you should start doing more showing and less telling, and show a little humility and grace. Maybe show us some actual gaming and let us criticize you for a little while. I would love to see an Ambush Alley battle report.

    Just Jack is one of my favorite gamers, by the way. He's been the most influential gamer on me. Nice guy, too. He's the only other person I know who plays 10mm modern with individual basing, and that's special to me. We're a very exclusive club.

    Anyway, regarding the effects of being hit in Firepower, the FiveCore campaign rules I'm using for my new campaign include a wide range of hit impacts that are resolved between battles. I like the idea of not having to think about what effect the hit had until after the game. Skirmishes are typically very short, so a hit that puts a soldier out of the fight for more than a minute is probably enough to consider them totally out of the fight. In Firepower, suppressions and stuns last only a couple of impulse phases, typically. It makes sense to me that a hit, whether it's a kill shot or an arm wound, lasts longer and therefore finishes that figure for the game.
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