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    Just missed that one!

    Emailing between a friend and I, whom I met a couple years ago at the Compass Games Convention took an unexpected turn when mentioning to him, my interests in N-scale model railroading... turns out, he just sold all his N-scale stuff not too long ago before moving. LOL, itís a small world! Itís always great finding that a friend is into multiple hobbies that match your own, though.

    It brought up the topic of costs of the hobby, and it made me feel a little less ďon another planetĒ thinking, the prices in this hobby (as all other hobbies) has sky rocketed! After reading my email, heíd looked online and was as shocked as I was.

    It also brings up the interesting idea that Iíd been thinking about... getting your gear second hand, from friends, acquaintances, or even hobby shows can be a boon. That happened in plastic armor and vehicle models many years back, in an estate sale. You never know where your bargains may be coming from... one must place some hopes in the Hobby Gods to show you some good timely fortune!
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    I would love to get someone's stash of N-scale buildings and terrain.

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    I have been hoovering HO buildings up from Ebay for a few months now. I just bought 400+ HO trees for $1! I was the only bidder and figured I would never get it. Add $20 to ship it in province for a total of $21.

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