It’s a bit hairbrained, and I’m sure I’m probably not the first one to think of this but, I started making a home made brick stamp out of an old artist paintbrush! The brush in question was an old artist brush, that was used for weathering... nylon bristles that were splayed badly and was used for dappling.

I tried to pry out the bristles with a pair of angled needle-nose pliers, but the broustles wouldn’t come out. So I used the wire cutter on the pliers to cut further up the ferrule. I was then able to scrape out the remaining bristle ends out of the ferrule tip with a small flathead screwdriver, and shape the ferrule further. Next, I used the pliers to spread and then shape the ferrule end into a rectangle, and that is what will be tested out on a piece of foam core board...

I’ll look to peel away the top paper off of one side of the foam core board, which should give me a more pliant foam surface to stamp the brooch impressions.

Yeah, I know it’ll take a lot of stapling to make a wall, even in N Scale, but if it works, this will be a cool way to make some scratchbuilt structures, namely some city block buildings.

I’ll post results, good or bad, here on this thread!