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    Don't care what anyone says it's a classic! 1945 Operation Custer, American bombers must hit 14 oil refineries to win. Luftwaffe is pretty decimated at this point in the war.

    B-17's, B-24's and a few twin engine bombers Cross the start line with their escorts,mainly P-51's and P-47's. Note in the picture a B-26 Marauder group has slipped out and bombed the refineries at Mannheim and has turned and is heading back after getting the first of 13 more targets hit.
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    Yes indeed, and a super classic at that! This was actually, one of the first wargames I remember seeing, when a workmate at one of the first jobs I’d had back in the day, brought it, Panzer Leader and Blitz, and Advanced Third Reich game in to the office to show me. Didn’t play this one, but we did play Panzer Leader, which hooked me big time!

    I like the round corners! ...all the components look awesome, though you can really tell how advanced printing technology has gotten these days, don’t you think?

    How’s it play solitaire?
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    The Operation Custer scenario is a solitaire game. US bombers just keep flying as straight a line to their target city's as they can using their maximum movement (3 hexes) each time unless they get over a target. The American fighters can either fly close escort or free hunt what ever you decide. There are also solitaire rules for campaign games which involve writing out different flight paths for your bombers to take then drawing them blind, that's the flight path you take then.

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