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    Weathering Your Trains

    Back when I ran HO trains and was researching the hobby, I noted a lot of model railroaders weather their trains and rolling stock. Dirt, grime, soot, dust, name it! And I was amazed at the results... truly, artwork in so many instances!

    I remember talking with a work colleague, that was also a model railroader with far more many years into the hobby than I, and he wanted to weather his stuff, but was terrified to ruin them. I could kinda see his point then, but I more so see it today with the extraordinary price of the locomotives in particular, but even with the rolling stock (which can be around $25 a car). It makes me more hesitant today than it did decades ago. Still, I plan to do just that... mostly airbrush, but even some hand graffiti work.

    Interestingly enough, I’ve fond some rolling stock with graffiti already in them and I actually ordered three Canadian National box cars with such!
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    Doesn't anyone use weathering chalks anymore Em? I got some Walthers chalks right after we were married 30+ years ago for my armor kits. They work great for subtle shading and if you want heavier treatment just brush more on plus it feathers to a fine edge. If you goof just wash it off and try again. In time it hardens pretty well but at first you have to be careful not to put on a to heavy protective coat as it will disappear.

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