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    Opportunity vs Defensive Fire

    Opportunity Fire has remained a wargame mechanic that I’ve waffled back and forth over, in terms of my view of it. I initially hated it, but I didn’t know why. As time went in, I began to appreciate it for what it did, but I didn’t know why. Then, in a discussion of Advanced Squad Leader and the origins within Avalon Hill, I ran into the following explanation of its origins:

    The IGO-UGO nature of Panzerblitz meant one side could dash armoured units across open ground from one piece of cover to another in the face of the enemy without that enemy having a chance to fire. That was rightly considered ‘unrealistic’ and not representative of combat in the period. In response Panzer Leader introduced the concept of Opportunity Fire, which in turn ASL further refined into the concept of Defensive Fire. These changes and evolutions didn’t necessarily make any of these a better ‘game’. Panzerblitz remains a challenging and rewarding tactical game. What these developments in game mechanics did try to achieve was an improved wargame - in other words, one that did an improved job of modelling some of the tactical aspects of the Second World War. The introduction of an opportunity fire rule in Panzer Leader had made those events taking place on the board feel more historically plausible.
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    Opportunity Fire can sure mess with the best laid plans. A plus mechanic for solitaire play.

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