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    Garage Barrage: 2021 Memorial Day Edition

    A buddy of mine, Chuck Tewksbury, hosted a Memorial Day Edition of his massive garage gaming days yesterday, and was my first time in attendance. Totally awesome event with about 18 guys in attendance playing Advanced Squad Leader (I played Starter Kit #1, scenario. 1), some ancient history games, and I believe even a Napoleonic game made it to a table!

    A great day that stared about 9:30 am, and went to 8pm or past (I had to leave earlier than the conclusion). Chuck and his wife out a LOT of effort into holding these so, he has my total respect and admiration. Some pics, starting with the game I played in...

    ...the guy I played is Mark, and he kindly walked me through some of the nuances of ASLSK I wasn’t sure on. He’s a far superior player than I am at ASLSK, and it’s his preferred system. I found it interesting that when I asked what other systems he plays, he said it’s about the only thing he plays, other than dabbling with full-system ASL. He told me a few things on how full system differs from Starter Kit, which confirmed what I’d been told by full system players of being so different. He’s a mathematician so, his brain worked on a totally different level than mine... he explained how he calculates LOS in his head, by counting a rectangular grid of hexes between the firing and target hex, drills it down to a smaller grid at center, and then uses that to calculate the quarter of a hex side LOS likely runs through. Ahhhhh, ya. I’ll just eyeball it, LOL.

    He had to leave early, so we never finished the scenario... he as surrounded Americans and I as the Germans. I was squeezing him into the four victory towns and rolling extremely well. It would have been a slanted house on the towns, where I need3d to secure at least one town hex Good Order... that would have been tough, but my forces were still pretty strong when we stopped. I have a feeling that He’ll was about to be unleashed!

    In the following pic, the guy in the left is named Mitch, and an awesome guy. I met him at the YankeeASL groups’ annual ASL tournament, Nor’easter, outside of Boston about four years ago. Three years ago, he ran their first ever Starter Kit event, which was a learn-as-you-go type gig. I learned a lot at that event alone, and he’s super patient. He’s since done the same at ASL Albany (New York...a huge ASL tourney), and he’ll be doing the same thing thing at Tussle on the Tundra, Chuck’s tournament in New Hampshire.

    ...they are playing full system ASL, as are the guys in the following pic. The fellow on the left is Carl, and I met him at Nor’easter, as well. An unbelievably awesome guy! ...he went out of his way t9 ensure I didn’t feel left out or adrift at the two Nor’easter’s I attended, and even gave me a door prize he won but already owned! Now that’s paying it forward!!! That’s one of the reason I really like and equate with ASLers.

    The guy on the right in the pic below is Ralph. He runs the YankeeASL’s, “Bunker Boys” game day on opposite Saturday’s, in Palmer Massachusetts. He lives a stones throw away from me, so I look forward to going to his scheduled days... as well as a guy named Joe, who holds the opposite weekend day of gaming in Greenield.

    I don’t really know the other guys, above or below, but plan on getting myself to more Garage Barrage’s! They are in my old home town a little over an hour east of me.

    "Life begins at the end of your comfort zoneĒ

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    Sounds like you had a real good time Em! I have an Ace of Aces booklet game, Fokker Dr1 vs Sopwith Camel somewhere around. Should I know who Chuck Tewksbury is? The name sounds so familiar.

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    Cool, very fun! Nice to see you!

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    Well other than saying I hope everyone "played safe" it looks like fun. Hopefully we will all be able to get together not too long from now.

    Liked the guys playing ace of aces (paper computer booklet game) I picked up every version except modern a couple years ago. Looking forward to bringing them along to a con and finding like minded gamers for a few hours and many sorties. It used to take only about 5 minutes per game if I remember correctly.

    Very cool dice rolling howitzer.

    I WOULD like to like ASL but it is just too much, and not the rules, it is the base mechanics. If it was 1 activate one unit then you activate 1 that would be step one. Then eliminate the CRT for a simple roll 2D6 add you AF, modified for distance then compare to modified defense value (modified by terrain). Get higher then target is "affected". Also eliminate the way too many step turn sequence. I know Conflict of Heroes is close to what I am saying but since you move action point per action point it is limited to a platoon per side. That and way too limited a subject matter (only 4 games in 20(?) years).

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